Stephen Covey once said, “between stimulus and response there is a space, and it’s in that space you choose how you wish to respond.”

I work in that space.

Actually, I help you work in that space because it’s where all of your results are born.

That’s right.


In the space, you can make clear, conscious decisions about who you want to be or you can default into habitual, unserving patterns.

Your choice.

And if you get it wrong in one moment, well, the good news is you can always start over in the next.

Your choice.

As a mindfulness and spiritual coach, my job is to help you translate this principle into real success.

The formula is simple.

Through the practice of A Course in Miracles, I will challenge you to up your game by clarifying your values and then taking “small” actions each day with intention.

I start with values because I believe our inner lives must have meaning before our outer behavior can be wise.

And after a decade of giving advice that focused exclusively on external success, my vision for you now is deep, embodied presence.

You’ll still have influence, but not because you jockey for it.

You’ll have influence because other people want to be around you.

Your genuine kindness and peaceful ease in the face of challenge, uncertainty, and overwhelm will be contagious – and they will want to know how you do it.

That’s what you’ll learn here.

And the result is a way of being that provides the foundation for all of your doing.

Trust me, the world needs you to step in to your full potential – not because of what you will get from it – but because of who you will become by it.

And it all happens in the tiny space of each moment.

So let’s get started.

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