Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl once said “Between stimulus and response there is a space.”

This space is where all of your results are born.

Just think about that for a moment.

Everything about how you experience your life is determined by the choices you make in the space between what happens to you and how you respond to it.

This space is where you can choose to connect to the inner wisdom that is your natural inheritance – or it’s where you can choose to default into habitual, unserving patterns.

Your call.

The good news, of course, is that if you get it wrong in one moment, you can always choose again in the next.

My job is to help you get it right the first time. 

Simply put, I teach the inner work that leads to outer success. Through presentations and online coaching, I can help you (and/or your team) find an extraordinary way of being within a world full of doing by harnessing the power of these contemplative practices: 


Mindful Leadership

Awareness of present moment with acceptance

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Managing your interior experience 

Spiritual Intelligence (SQ)

Connecting to a wisdom greater than our own

Nonviolent Communication

Speaking with compassion no matter what


Whether you’re interested in one practice in particular or all of the above, my goal for you is the same: Less motion and more meaning. This is what I work to bring to all of my client partnerships, not only because of what you will get from it, but because of who you will become by it.

Namely, someone who lives and leads with grace.


Emily Bennington



Emily Bennington is a bestselling author and a student / teacher of contemplative practices for both secular and spiritual audiences. Emily has led training programs on composure for numerous Fortune 500 companies and has been featured in press ranging from CNN, ABC, and Fox, to the Wall Street Journal, Glamour, Marie Claire, and Cosmopolitan.

Emily is the author of three books, including Miracles at Work: Turning Inner Guidance Into Outer Influence. As a result of her business background, Emily is skilled at presenting complex mindfulness and spiritual topics with logical reasoning, professionalism, and inclusiveness. While her work is gender neutral, Emily’s website was recently listed by Forbes as one of the “100 Best” for women, and her daily email Grace touches thousands around the world who are seeking to live and lead with more wisdom and compassion.

Emily is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and is currently enrolled in the International Coach Academy certification program and is also taking ACIM Practitioner courses from Pathways of Light Spiritual College. She lives with her family in Charlotte, North Carolina.


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