About Emily Bennington

A bestselling author and teacher of contemplative practices for both secular and spiritual audiences, Emily Bennington inspires thousands around the world each day to live and lead with Grace. Emily has been featured in media outlets ranging from CNN to Marie Claire and she regularly hosts training programs on mindfulness, spiritual intelligence, and nonviolent communication. For press or speaking inquires, please click here.

“My vision for Grace is to provide consistent, thoughtful content in an ever-changing, messy world.” 

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Q&A With Emily

Why is this site called Grace?

Because I believe grace is the secret to joy. 

Favorite podcast?

On Being. 

What do you write about?

Spirituality, mindfulness, and current events mostly. My goal is to be in conversation with culture and offer new ways of looking at events that affect us all.

Does Grace push a specific point of view?

My own views come through at times, but I created Grace because the dialogue interests me most. I'm constantly looking for new ways to create discussion around topics that matter.

Favorite Book? 

A Course in Miracles. Obviously.

Chocolate or vanilla?


How would you describe your job?

A daily effort to create something meaningful with words.

What do all Grace readers have in common?

Intellectual curiosity. 

Favorite magazine?

Vanity Fair.

What country is on your bucket list?


How would you describe this site in five words or less?

Power of the human spirit. 

What's the best career advice you've ever heard?

Don't wait to be chosen. Pick yourself.