Monastic Area 1

The Trick to “Finding God”

So I feel like I owe you more from the monastery visit than one lone story about annoying a movie star. When you take a week off to hang with a bunch of monks, you expect something […]

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Lessons from a Movie Star

Lessons from an Angry Movie Star

Yesterday I returned from my visit to the monastery. There were some deeply meaningful things that happened there I can’t wait to share but – for now – let’s veer off into something “seemingly” insignificant. During our […]

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A Simple Story of Grace

My youngest son is part of a basketball league and, for the past few months, I’ve been very judgmental toward one of the coaches for his – shall we say – overly disciplined approach. As an example, team members who don’t […]

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This is What it Looks Like To Surrender

As you’re reading this, I’m preparing to spend a week – alone – in a monastery. Odd, huh? That’s what I keep telling myself too. Of course, that’s what my logical brain wants me (and you) to […]

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Watching The News Without Fear

This summer my best friend and I were traveling together around the time that ISIS – and the murder of James Foley in particular – were all over the headlines. I was glued to the TV while […]

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Love Deeply. Hold Lightly.

I used to have a parking space next to a Honda with a license plate that read “Austin’s Mom”. Since the car was always there when I arrived and gone when I left, I never actually met […]

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The True Source of Happiness  

At the beginning of my career I worked for a woman who was going through a nasty divorce. She knew the marriage wasn’t right for her, but the experience of “uncoupling” shook her to the core. And […]

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In the World

In The World But Not Of It

It all starts with expectations. We’re expected to keep up with the Jones’, but who are those people anyway? Are they actually happy or just putting on a good front while secretly stressing over credit card bills? […]

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Are You Really Centered?

“Come back.” “Come back.” “Come back to center.” We’ve heard it a million times, but what is “center” and how do we know when we get there? In mindfulness training, students are taught to “center in” for […]

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Letting Go of the Need to Know

It’s been said the only constant in life is change. While I can’t promise I’ve always embraced change, through mindfulness I have learned how to surf its waves versus pointlessly swimming against the tide. In the first […]

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Cleaning the Lens of Perception

Some of you may know the most influential book in my life – by far – has been A Course in Miracles*. There are countless quotes I could share from the text that have shaped my thinking, […]

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Big Picture

Keeping the Past in the Past

If I gave you a penny to carry for the rest of the day, it probably wouldn’t be a big deal, right? But what if I gave you a penny every day for years and expected you […]

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Choosing the “True” Perspective

If I asked you to touch your head right now, you could. If I asked you to touch your belly button right now, you could. If I asked you to touch your anxiety right now, you couldn’t. […]

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