Miracles at Work

With the level of disruption, uncertainty, and friction in business today, navigating your career takes an extraordinary amount of wisdom and patience. Miracles at Work will show you how to tap into these qualities on the job by grounding yourself in the principles of the classic spiritual text A Course in Miracles. With Miracles at Work, you’ll not only learn how to strengthen your own spiritual practice, but you’ll also learn how to bring the Course’s remarkable lessons in compassion, unshakable grace, and purpose into your office each day.

Who Says It’s a Man’s World

The fast-track career book for professional women that Publisher’s Weekly called “…an energetic, strong-minded guide to dodging the worst pitfalls of a corporate career.” Who Says It’s a Man’s World offers valuable lessons for not only “playing the game” at work, but winning it on your own terms.

Effective Immediately

The complete college-to-career guide for students, interns, and new grads with proven strategies to earn the respect of your boss, colleagues, and clients from day one. Effective Immediately offers solid tips on how to manage projects like a pro, stay away from landmines including conflict and toxic coworkers, plus clever ways to use every task – even grunt work – as an opportunity to shine.

Effective Immediately