Mindful Leadership Coaching


Awake Exec is an online mentoring community for professional women interested in mindful leadership. The program is rooted in two core beliefs, namely:

  • You must be a magnificent woman first to have a magnificent career, and
  • It’s your perspective (not your circumstances) that determine the quality of your life.

The key benefit of Awake Exec – aside from being part of a global community of conscious executives – is that members receive real strategies for being the kind of leaders the world needs now: Values-centered, solutions-focused, and free from roller coaster emotions that damage credibility and effectiveness. In other words, Awake Execs are women who work smarter, live harder, and are driving a much-needed transformation in business culture – one where profits co-exist with well-being.


Awake Exec is for professional women at any career stage who:

  • Want to live full lives while still ‘leaning in’ to demanding jobs.
  • Have been stalled by low confidence and limiting beliefs in the past, but are ready to get unstuck and play bigger at work and in the world.
  • Suffer from a Category 5 ‘hurricane brain’ and need practical tools to settle the mind.
  • Recognize the dangers of stress go well beyond 9-to-5 (short temper, emotional eating, etc.) and are looking for a holistic approach to success.
  • Have been told by supervisors to work on personal branding, leadership presence, and/or emotional control.
  • Are tired of living in anxiety about the future and want to find purpose now.
  • Are looking for ongoing career coaching at an affordable price.

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When you join Awake Exec you will learn how to untangle the thoughts and behaviors that don’t serve you, while making space for the ones that do. We do this through:

  • Increased ability to be present and actually live your life versus just planning for it or watching it whirl by.
  • MAJOR perspective shifts – including the capacity to feel frustrated, hurt, or angry without being completely overwhelmed by what you feel.
  • Improved ability to handle stressful situations in a collected manner, resulting in better decision-making and increased executive presence.
  • A personal VIG (virtues, intentions, and goals) action plan, created by you with a template from me, that will provide remarkable mental clarity around your life and work.
  • Tangible ways to incorporate this planning into your every day so you can respond as your best self regardless of whether you’re in the office or not.
  • Responsiveness, open dialogue, and honest answers from yours truly, as well as a new community of like-minded (and mindful) career women supporting each other.


Awake Exec content is available online within a private, self-guided membership site. From the moment you join you will be given instant access to all archived training and will simply fold in to new content as it’s released. In other words, whether you’re ready to get started right now, missed something, or just want to see it again – you’re covered.

Also, Awake Exec is designed for busy executives. The content requires less than two hours per month, there’s no homework, and you’ll only receive one email per week.

For a peek inside the learning, please check out the video below.


In addition to all archived curriculum, each month you’ll also receive:

Awake Exec Benefit $25 / Month
45-minute Master Class call including executive summary and take-action guide. feature-arrow
1-hour Roundtable Q&A call where you’ll have the opportunity to get your questions answered live. (Also includes an executive summary and take-action guide.) feature-arrow
No-fluff video tutorial where I put a mindful spin on members’ real-life work scenarios. feature-arrow
Access to the private Facebook group where you can network with other Awake Execs from all over the world in a shared learning space. feature-arrow
50% off registration for in-person, Awake Exec Conscious Career Retreats. (Note: This is a $100 savings or the equivalent of four free months in the program.) feature-arrow
Exclusive updates on the latest in mindful leadership resources, bonus career / life planning templates, and a professionally-designed, year-end program highlight guide. feature-arrow

Join Awake Exec for $25 per month.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

If Awake Exec doesn’t positively impact the way you approach your life and work, I’ll be happy to issue a full refund within the first 30 days. Also, once you join there’s no commitment and you can cancel anytime straight from your user profile.
Stay for a few months or stay forever – it’s your choice.