Effective Immediately: Today’s the Day!

It’s been said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Well, the journey of Effective Immediately began with a series of missteps. My missteps as I entered the workforce with a slew of rookie mistakes.

I feel like I’ve embarrassed myself enough while rehashing nutty blunders (Yes, I wore feathers to work. Yes, I hung up on a client. Yes, I yelled at my boss. Yes, I took extended smoke breaks.) – however, I’ve also managed to do a few things right over the years.

Since graduating from college, I’ve more than tripled my salary, authored a book, contributed to the #1 blog in the world, given back to my community in powerful ways, mentored others, and pursued my dreams with laser-focus.

All the while, I’ve kept a journal covering six years of trials, errors, career highs, lows, and amazing advice from amazing people. One of whom is Skip Lineberg, my first boss, co-author, and mentor. The perennial lessons I learned from Skip, as well as the journal I still keep, marked the beginning of my professional transformation – and the foundation for Effective Immediately.

So for those of you who plan to make our book part of your own journey into the workforce – THANK YOU! Though you may not walk a thousand miles at your first job, we’re honored to help you start on the right foot.

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