11 Things Mindful Leaders Know

Since February of this year, I’ve been helping a community of women executives become conscious leaders. In the process, I’ve spent a lot of time researching what it takes to actually make this transition.

For example, what is the difference between a leader and a conscious leader?

Where does mindfulness fit into modern business culture?

What are the specific tools needed to develop a “strong back and a soft front” at work? 

In answering these (and many other) questions, this community – Awake Exec – has grown to more than 150 members and archived approximately 17 hours’ worth of training so far. As a gift to them – and to you for being here – recently I went through the content again, searching for only the best nuggets to recap a fabulous year of learning.

Here they are. 

#11 The success you’ll have tomorrow is based on the person you decide to be right now

Mindfulness is about paying complete attention in the present moment. When you choose to live this way you begin to act more deliberately, leading to better decision-making and better results.

#10 The power to be your highest self lies in the space between stimulus and response.  

You can’t always control the circumstances of your life, but you can always control how you respond to them.

#9 Witnessing your thoughts without judgment is the key to emotional freedom. 

Since every experience begins with a thought, you can actually change your experience simply by changing your thoughts about it.

#8 Your inner critic isn’t real. 

That cranky, self-critiquing voice in your head is nothing more than an illusion. It only has as much – or as little – power as you give it by engaging.

#7 The events of your life do not change according to whether you’re happy or unhappy about them.

Dealing with the data (seeing facts without emotion or judgment) allows you to view your life as it is – not as you want it to be – again leading to better decision-making and better results.

#6 You are not your job. 

Success isn’t what you do. Success is showing up in each moment as the best of who you are.

#5 High-level thoughts create high-level things. 

People and opportunities that come into your life have an energy that mirrors your own. What are you attracting?

#4 You cannot be disrespected. 

At your core, you can’t be attacked, violated, disrespected, insulted, or even sick. Your body can but your highest self transcends the body. This thinking is very helpful for moving through extremely difficult situations with grace.

#3 The only way out is through. 

Filling internal voids by “running and numbing” (soothing yourself with bad habits like overworking and overeating) is lethal to your sense of calm. To make real, lasting change you must fearlessly turn towards the feelings underneath those behaviors – consistently making “little right choices” as you heal.

#2 You are here to serve. 

If you’re not getting as much as you want in your career, think about how much you’re giving. Period.

#1 You always have guidance if you listen. 

We all have an internal teacher but it’s impossible to hear with a noisy, unsettled head. Mindfulness shows you how to dial down the chaos of the world, dial up your intuition, and expand into your goals / vision with calm confidence.




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