17 Things Successful Career Women Know

1.) Lasting success is created by good habits, which are very often destroyed by bad excuses.

2.) Hold a grudge and it will hold you back.

3.) Goals are short-lived, but virtues are timelines.

4.) The most important professional asset you have is your reputation.

5.) When you understand there are biological reasons you act the way you do, you won’t feel as crazy.

6.) Careers (like diets) don’t start tomorrow. Tomorrow’s dreams are only achieved by today’s action.

7.) Sometimes having the right answer is less important than having the right attitude.

8.) Not everyone will like you, especially if you have moxie.

9.) Authentic outer power comes from authentic inner power.

10.) The moment you use sexy to get ahead is the moment you make yourself disposable.

11.) The vast majority of decisions affecting your career will happen behind closed doors when you’re not in the room.

12.) You should always have at least one mentor who has achieved fabulous things beyond your wildest dreams – even if you have to pay for the privilege.

13.) How people act is their karma. How you react is yours.

14.) Your chaos is self-created by the choices you’re making right now.

15.) You’ll never criticize yourself powerful, happy, or rich.

16.) You can have it all when you don’t try to be it all.

17.) Regardless of your career path, there’s no direct flight and the layovers will take longer than you think.

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