3 Things Exercise Can Teach You About Career Success

As a nation, we are completely obsessed with winning and weight loss. Even more so, it seems, when the winning is the weight loss. Stroll past any magazine rack at any given time, and you will be faced with multiple stories about celebrities—how they got into shape, got out of shape, and got back in shape again. Over and over, all year long.

The editors of these magazines will tell you the “lose weight fast” issues are among their most popular. This shouldn’t be surprising. In a country where a whopping one third of the population is considered obese, it’s reasonable to assume folks are looking for inspiration to shed a few pounds.

The problem is when we trick ourselves into believing it can happen easily and relatively quickly. Maybe I had been reading too many celeb mags, but this was the story I told myself as I embarked on my own journey to get in shape. Along the way, I learned the same rules of success apply regardless of whether you’re building a strong body or a strong career.

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