Announcing My Blog for U.S. News

Today is the launch of my new blog for the Education section of US News and World Report. It’s called “Hired Before Graduation” so I’ll give you three guesses on what it’s about. J/K. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to write for a notable and respected publication like US News and I look forward to sharing my best advice on how to find a job while in school – which I fully believe you can do, even in this economy. The first post is below which provides an overview of what the blog is about and what I’m hoping we can do with it. As always, my goal is to help you reach yours. Thanks for reading. xo.


I know you’re nervous about the unemployment numbers. Eventually, the  safe nest of higher ed, while cozy for now, will come to an end—and  then what? As an intro to this column, I’d like  to introduce myself. I’m Emily Bennington and I help new grads  transition from college to career. Frankly, this became my life’s work  only after I failed so miserably at it myself. Even my first boss (who  later became my coauthor) described me in an interview as “a bit of a  mess” as a rookie.

True, I showed up at work (often late) with wet hair. I thought  knee-high patent leather boots were appropriate office attire. Worst of  all, I was competitive with colleagues for big assignments.

I  was a mess but, like millions before and since, it’s because I  graduated without understanding a fundamental rule of success: To build  an extraordinary career, you have to be in an extraordinary state. In  other words, true accomplishment—whether it be finding a job despite  record unemployment or losing the “freshman 15” that’s now a “junior  25″—comes from getting your mind right, then aligning your actions with  what you really want. {Click here to read more.}

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