Effectively Immediately: We’re on Facebook

Effective Immediately

I’m consistently amazed at how “simple” it is to spread the word about products and services these days. From fan pages on Facebook (such as the one above I created in less than 10 minutes) to blog sites and Twitter, the power of the individual to be heard is unprecedented.

Recently I listened to a journalism professor from West Virginia University speak about how technology has completely flipped the PR industry upside down. She said that up until recently, the attitude towards the press was always, “We’ve got this cool _______ to pitch you. Please (pretty please) will you cover it?” Nowadays, however, the attitude is, “We’ve got this cool _______ going on right now. Please join us.”

It sounds subtle, but the difference is actually enormous. That’s because third-party sources no longer have control over what you read, when, and how. The web – and resulting social media applications – have made it easier than ever for unknowns with a little drive and hustle to make their causes well-known.

Of course, this also means that more and more people are vying for attention in an increasingly overcrowded space. To that you should say, “Bring it!” Personally, I’ll take the ease of modern communication over the inconvenience of added “white noise” any day.

Besides, the best ideas that are presented in unique, compelling, and relevant ways will always rise to the top. That’s where we’re going.

Please join us.

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