How To Increase Your Executive Presence

One of my favorite things about hosting Awake Exec is creating videos that answer specific member questions. So when I got one about how to have ‘executive presence’ I knew I wanted to tackle it.

Truth is, I’m fascinated with this topic specifically because it’s so elusive.

I mean, we all know what executive presence is when we see it (and when we don’t) – and yet it’s still hard to describe because there are so many variables.

It’s even more difficult to recognize when we’re trying to evaluate our own behavior, mostly because we tend to give ourselves more credit than others do.

For example, the other day I went to a business meeting with wet hair.

Not a big deal compared to, say, tragedies playing out on the world stage, but it still goes against the impression I want to make as a leader.

Seth Godin would call this a ‘little cut.’

His theory (and I agree completely) is that – while we can certainly ruin our reputation in explosive fireballs (the mayor of Toronto being a recent example) – more often we sabotage ourselves through ‘a thousand little cuts’ that eventually become fatal.

And so in the spirit of mindfully turning towards the most common little cuts – I’m sharing this Awake Exec video on You Tube until Monday when it will go back into the member’s vault. I know it’s tough to stop and watch anything these days, but it’s only six minutes long so I hope you’ll check it out and let me know what you think in the comments or over on Facebook or Twitter.

Enjoy. Xo

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