Is Your E-Mail Address Sending the Wrong Message?

By Skip Lineberg

As I stood at the coffee shop recently waiting for my grande dark roast, I casually gazed down at the counter below. There my eyes found some random sign-up sheet. (Evidently, the coffee shop will notify you via e-mail when they have live entertaiment. You get the idea.) Anyway, that’s not what’s important.

What’s important is to avoid having an e-mail address like the one I saw near the top of the coffee shop sign-up form. There it was in all its glory:

HighHeeledHussy1974 @ blanketyblank dot com

Sure, it was only an email notification service for coffee-shop entertainment. But what if  HHH1974 had been applying for a job, responding to a Help Wanted ad, or listing her contact info on a career site?

Let’s hope that, like many of us, she has multiple e-mail accounts…and that she can keep them straight!

If you are still using some quirky, juvenille or marginally-respectable email identifier, do us all a favor today–right now–and create a respectable email presence like yourfirstname.yourlastname at GMail dot com.


BulgingBiceps1966 at PeoplePC dot com

Just joking. Mine’s

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