Stop Whining and Use the Power You Have

If you’re interested in women’s leadership you already know the stats.

Women are 50% of the labor force but roughly 15% of executive officers and just 8% of top earners. There’s been a lot of hand wringing about the cause of these numbers, but the truth is elevating women as executive officers, board members, and deep in talent pipelines is an inside out job.

This is where I believe women have a unique role to play in the renaissance of corporate life. If enough of us are awake – and by that I mean choosing to work and live in a way that showcases the best of who we are – business culture will change.

So in that sense, it’s not our role to play the game anymore. It’s ours to change it – but first we must change ourselves.

For more on inside out success, click here to watch the Awake Exec preview video on becoming a witness to your thoughts.

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