“The Four Questions” For Wise Decisions

A while back I was having a jam session on mindfulness topics with my friend and Ready To Lead co-facilitator Debra Hickok.

Debra is a gem.

She is the founder of Featherstone Personal and Professional Coaching and has had clients ranging from Wall Street execs and Olympic trainers, to the CIA and yours truly.

But most of all, she “gets it.”

In other words, she completely understands the middle road of leadership where you can be effective, respected, and liked at the same time.

Yes, it is possible.

As we were brainstorming lessons to include in the Ready To Lead course, Debra mentioned a tool she uses with her clients called “The Four Questions.”

Turns out, The Four Questions are a framework for moving through complex decisions or challenging times with grace and ease.

Since this whole bloody month has been challenging, I wanted to learn more.

And all I can say is….OMG.

I like to think I give practical advice, but this tool is the (THE!) most practical process for decision-making I’ve ever encountered.

I asked Debra if she would be willing to do an interview so I could share The Four Questions with you and she graciously agreed.

Enjoy. Xo

P.S. If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here to view.



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