When Your Employees Dress Up, Are You Worried They Might Have An Interview?

It’s a valid concern. According to a recent study of 3,700 job seekers and 1,250 hiring managers from Monster.com, a full  1/3 of external hires are no longer with their organization after two years.

Crazy, I know.

What is this loss costing businesses today in client service, productivity and, subsequently, profit potential? How can you compete in a hyper-competitive, global, knowledge-based economy if you can’t keep your people?

The answer is you can’t.

So w-h-y do companies act as if a paycheck and an “atta boy/girl” should be enough to inspire loyalty in their staff? Don’t cha know by now that employees want more than a paycheck? They want to be happy at work, feel connected to something, and receive a clear career path. And yet – in a recent study of more than 584 employed Americans:

–          82% hadn’t established any career goals in collaboration with their manager.

–           58% hadn’t received any kind of useful feedback from supervisors in the last six months.

–           53% didn’t feel like they had any understanding of how their role contributed to broader business objectives. 


Employers: High performers (and high potentials) who are not amply engaged in your organization will begin to operate at mediocre levels over time and, eventually, they will leave. Don’t worry though, you’ll still have the B and C players who, engaged or not, tend to stick around longer.

Won’t your customers be thrilled?

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