Why Crazy Attracts Crazy

I don’t watch much TV but when I do it’s usually crap.

And by crap, I mean reality shows.

For example, despite my best effort, last night I got sucked into an episode of Couples Therapy on VH1.

Assuming you’re not in the .00000001% of the population who has actually seen it, the show is about “celebrities” who agree to be counseled in Hail-Mary attempts to save their relationship.

Cue the drama.  

Now…it’s easy to think made-for-TV drama comes by putting people in uncomfortable situations (like having therapy sessions aired nationally), but that’s not always true. Fully-functioning, normal human beings are terrible for these shows and casting directors know it.

So they look for crazy.

Because casting directors know that crazy attracts crazy and – ta da! – that’s good TV.

And on some level we’ve seen this in our own lives.

I mean, we may not be hanging out with Flavor Flav, but we all have friends or family who are always steeped in trouble.

And we allllll have coworkers who are always steeped in crisis, right?

Maybe you even recognize a drama-zone around yourself.

If so, let me be perfectly honest with you for a moment.

This is game-changing so come closer.



The truth is, you’re calling it in m’dear.

Yes. I’m serious.

The people, situations, and things that come IN to your life reflect the very same energy you put OUT into the world. (More here.)

What this means is that if your mind is in a calm, strong, and confident place, your energy will be high-level – and so your experiences will be high-level. But the inverse is also true. If your mind is in a frenzied, insecure, and crazy place, your energy will be low-level – and so your experiences will be low-level.

It’s critical to understand this – particularly if you’re trying to cultivate a leadership presence at work – and so here we come full-circle to where we always begin and end with my stuff:

If you want to change the nature of your experience, change the nature of your thoughts. CHOOSE to think high-level thoughts so you can attract high-level things.

Remember: You are a magnet.

The question is, of what?

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