Not Your Average Talking Heads

Last September, I became mildly obsessed with the results of a Wall Street Journal survey where college recruiters were asked which skills new grads needed to improve the most.

Their answer? At least half said problem solving and/or the ability to think independently.

This followed up a similar study from the Business Roundtable where, despite a national unemployment rate that’s just under 10% (double that for 16-to-24 year-olds), the majority of surveyed employers said it was difficult to find qualified employees.

Their answer? That pesky critical thinking again.

Now, as someone who works in the new grad space, I take this type of quantifiable data very seriously. Hence, my reaction to The Wall Street Journal article. I studied it, researched the links, poured over the data, and wondered what I could do to help students prove themselves to employers.

And then I got an email from fellow career author Alexandra Levit about a new program called JobSTART 101. It seems that while I was pondering the Roundtable survey, they were partnering with Levit and the HR Policy Association to create a free, all-online training program for college students.

After a private and ultimately unsatisfying bout of envy, I promised Alexandra that I’d have a look at the site. And yes, I did secretly want it to suck.

It didn’t.

In fact, sadly, I have to recommend that every college student check out JobSTART 101. The site is broken down into six modules (i.e. how to establish your e-brand, develop a professional persona, build work relationships, manage your emotions, solve problems, and drive your career) that feature engaging videos, relevant examples, and a workbook that ties it all together.

There’s a part of me that — being the jealous type — wants to write you “could do worse than” visiting Job Start 101. But the truth is, it would be hard to do better. In fact, the content is so good, I may even pick up another one of Alexandra’s books.

I think I’ll start with How’d You Score That Gig?

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