Two Things You Should Know About

Actually, I could call this post “Two Things You May Already Know About” because, frankly, I’m trailing many others in sharing them with you. I wish I could say that this is all part of a pre-conceived “sustained promotions strategy” but, the truth is, I’m just behind. It happens.

The first thing you should know about is LaunchPad: Your Career Search Strategy Guide from Chris Perry. You may know Chris from his popular Career Rocketeer blog. In a crowded market of career / job search sites, Chris has managed to stand out, most notably as the keeper of a series of immensely helpful lists, e.g. 150+ Experts on Twitter Every Job Seeker Should Follow, 100+ Career Blogs All Professionals Must Read, Top 100+ Job Search Hashtags on Twitter, etc. In LaunchPad, Chris has brought together some heavy-hitters in the career field to offer advice on topics ranging from personal branding and networking, to resumes and entrepreneurship. The line-up is impressive. Jennifer Kushell, Liz Lynch, Tory Johnson, Meg Guiseppi… if you’re searching for a job or want to excel on the job, these are names you should know.

At only 145 pages, LaunchPad is a quick read, but it’s full of great, actionable information on how to cut through the clutter and rise above in a packed job market. To order your copy of LaunchPad from Amazon, click here. For around the price of two venti lattes, you can learn from the best… and save the calories.

The second thing you should know is that Dan Schawbel has recently released a new issue of Personal Branding Magazine featuring legendary marketer Seth Godin. Famous for must-read titles like Permission Marketing, Purple Cow, and Tribes, Godin’s new work Linchpin is about becoming indispensible in your career.

An interview with Godin alone is worth downloading the issue, but the magazine also includes profiles of Food Network superstar Guy Fieri and Wall Street Journal career columnist Alexandra Levit among other articles. Dan has a good eye for talent and he does a nice job of pulling together up-and-coming writers on the topic of personal branding and career success. It seems like each issue of the magazine gets better and better and – if I know Dan – he won’t stop until it’s the best.

For more information on Personal Branding Magazine or to download a free sample, click here.

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