Newbie Rule #1: Mind Your –Ilities

ist2_5134270-blank-canvas-on-an-easelAs a new professional, you are a blank canvas. Your boss and colleagues don’t know enough about you yet to form any sort of meaningful opinion of your work, so you will be judged on what they can see. Yep,  –ilities.  Examples include:

Punctuality (Do you show up for work on time?)

Likability (Are you enthusiastic and easy to get along with?)

Responsibility (Are you mature enough to be groomed for key assignments?)

Humility (Are you respectful and willing to pay your dues?)

Accountability / Reliability (Do you follow-through on tasks?)

–Ility awareness is important at every stage of your career, but it’s especially critical at the beginning. This is when you are forming impressions that stick. Make it count. Let’s go!