108 Ways To Find Sanity FAST

This week I hosted a webinar for a group of 1,000 executives.

Since many were new to mindful leadership, I decided to go heavy on the self-awareness piece, which is the heart and soul of this practice.

Naturally, this meant I was hitting them with a lot of questions.

A lot.

The wisdom of mindfulness doesn’t come from the questions we ask others, but from those we ask ourselves.

It’s a journey of replacing compulsion with compassion that’s designed to last a lifetime.

I had 45 minutes.

Even so…I was thrilled that we were able to cover a ton of ground and get through the “secret sauce” questions of truly mindful leaders, e.g.

What am I noticing right now?

Can I make space for it?

Where is my attention?

Are these thoughts true?

Are these thoughts useful?

What is the next right action?

I knew this process can be overwhelming at first, but I didn’t realize how much until after the webinar when I received an inbox full of messages from listeners essentially saying the same thing:

“I get the concept of mindfulness but I don’t have time to go through this much self-reflection in the moment, especially when I feel frustrated or personally attacked. How do I get centered FAST?”

I get it – and I have a resource for you.

Enter Gabrielle Bernstein.

Gabby has been a tremendous influence in my life, albeit one I’ve never shared here because her work is spiritual and I haven’t “gone there” on this blog.

Until now, that is.

Because anyone looking for actionable, tangible ways to immediately snap out of a negative head spiral and return to a place of inner stillness and embodied power should know about Gabby and her new book Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow, and Finding Your True Purpose.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Gabrielle recently and, in this 13-minute video, she shares the importance of “restoring your sanity” on a moment-by-moment basis as well as the importance of focusing on your words and your presence at work.

She also shares my new favorite way to find peace in less than 5 seconds – which is exactly how long it will take you to fall in love with her too. Enjoy. Xo

P.S. If you have trouble seeing this video, please click here to watch.

P.S.S. I’m giving away three copies of Miracles Now to readers of this blog. All you have to do is leave your favorite takeaway from the interview in the comments and I’ll pick the winners based on – you guessed it – self-refection. Good luck!

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