Something Remarkable Happened Today

I ate breakfast.

I know, I know. That’s hardly remarkable.

Except that it was.

See I witnessed an act so simple, yet so extraordinary that it not only made my day – but many others as well.

It started out as a routine Facebook post:

Having breakfast at the Fairfield Inn in Fairmont, WV and notice the maintenance man is huddling over a table of three kids – opening milk, cereal, grabbing silverware, etc. No parents in sight. I thought he was being helpful so I smiled at him. He comes over and tells me their house burned down last week. The family lost everything but each other and have been living at the hotel. Mom leaves for work early and the maintenance man feeds the kids each morning while the dad gets ready. Local fire and police departments kicked in and bought back every Christmas present the kids lost. Kindness. Pass it on.

As I type, that little post has received almost 5,000 likes and more than 200 shares.

I even received a message from someone who wrote “I am going through an especially tough time and have an especially tough day – divorce court. Your post made my whole day brighter.”

As I was thinking about the reach and impact of sharing this story, I was reminded of one of my favorite quotes. “If we were as industrious to be good as to make ourselves great,” said Ben Franklin, “we should become really great by being good.”

Pass it on, indeed.

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