I deliver about 30 presentations each year. My topics are mindful leadership, women’s leadership, and college-to-career transition. If I’m really being efficient, I speak to mindful women in college.

While my stories and slides may vary for each audience, the desired result is always the same: I want every single person to know our greatest power lies in our freedom to choose four things:

I’ve spoken at hundreds of events, from small gatherings to large conferences, and the following is a list of my most requested topics.

Presentations for Women’s Networks

The VIG Life: A Radical Shift from Success to Significance

Through the process of intense research on what separates successful women from not-so-successful women, I’ve learned something really important about achievement. Specifically, I’ve learned that everything we’ve been taught about what it takes to win – that is, by keeping a laser-focus on goals – is actually a recipe for unhappiness for most of us. This presentation flips that thinking upside down, encouraging you to focus more on WHO you want to become over WHAT you want to do. We’ll design your “best self” based on your unique virtues (what matters most), intentions (what actions are in alignment), and – finally – goals (what’s the general direction) so you can start responding to work and life from an empowered place, rather than simply reacting to the chaos that surrounds us all.


  • A solid definition of the professional you want to be, including a completed virtues, intentions, and goals template.
  • A liberation from being totally goal-driven, “busy-ness,” and neurotic, unfruitful comparison traps.
  • A new understanding of mindfulness as a career strategy that will enhance your leadership presence, enable you to make better on-the-spot decisions, and navigate work challenges with calm confidence.


Pull vs. Push Leadership: What the Most Remarkable Women Do Right

Years ago, I had a director-level job at a top accounting firm, a nice office, a team of staffers…and a problem. I was too worried about being liked to be an effective leader at work. So I surveyed more than 750 professionals nationwide to discover whether other women had the same challenge, and to uncover what – specifically – the most accomplished executives do differently. In this workshop, I share the results of this research including “the secret” to earning respect at work, what women really say about other women managers, and what career veterans wish they could go back and tell their 20-year-old selves. Participants will also learn how to create an individual career plan that covers the five core competencies of leadership, as well as specific behaviors to accelerate your results in each.


  • A deep dive into “energy management” and why you need to bring it if you want to move up.
  • An enhanced awareness of your personal behavior triggers so you don’t get hooked into emotional reactions.
  • A new way to show up at work with your whole self, while inspiring others to do the same.


Presentations for Students and Interns

Rookie Hero: What Your First Boss Needs You to Know

Successfully transitioning into the workforce is more than just office etiquette – it requires a fundamental shift in thinking from campus to career. In this signature presentation based on classic advice from Effective Immediately, we’ll take an in-depth look at “the space” between stimulus and response, including how to build personal credibility by designing – and then living to – the reputation you want to create based on the values you want to embody. Through a mix of stories, exercises, and discussion, we’ll also go back to the basics on what it means to be a true professional, covering not only how to be a rock star at work, but also how to avoid some “oh-no-he-didn’t” career landmines along the way. Using best practices passed down from scores of business leaders, you’ll learn how to manage the only thing you’ll ever completely control – yourself –so you can turn even the most cynical (“You’re the new kid, eh?”) coworkers into raving fans who will champion you behind closed doors.


  • Why credibility comes before visibility – and how to get it.
  • Proven ways to integrate seamlessly into established work teams – including what you must know about generational differences.
  • A self-created list of your top five values – plus how to start a daily practice of career growth rooted in self-awareness and emotional intelligence.


Circuit Breaker: How to Diffuse a Message Between Your Mind and Your Mouth

The most effective professionals are always the best communicators. You know who they are. They’re the ones coworkers turn to because they stay articulate and calm regardless of what’s going on around them. The secret? These execs have a built-in circuit breaker. In other words, they have that remarkable ability to analyze a challenge, diffuse the emotion, and choose the best response. Thankfully, this type of composure is a skill, but there is a catch: Those who learn it early have a distinct advantage over those who don’t. In this presentation, we’ll cover a four-step “mental defusing” process that begins with witnessing thoughts and ends with understanding how to act on only those that serve the collective good. A powerful learning experience, this session sets the stage for students and new grads to develop a mindful executive presence that will benefit them through every stage of their careers.


  • Three biological reasons we get “triggered” into reacting – plus specific exercises you can do to calm down at any moment.
  • The one question you should always ask yourself in the middle of a disagreement.
  • How to recognize the inner forces that derail promising careers – and how to release them once and for all.

Each presentation package includes 50 copies of Effective Immediately or Who Says It’s a Man’s World, customized research and prep including an internal survey option and pre-event planning call(s), master file of all handouts and slides, promotional copy (yes, I’ll write it for you), media interviews (if requested), book signing, social activities during events, plus a lot of “a-has” and a few “amens.”

Each of these topics features do-it-now strategies that unlock major behavior change if applied. They work super as

  • A live experience
  • Online training delivered internally (e.g. webinars, videos, emails, and workbooks), or
  • A combo of the above.

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Here’s a few clips from previous engagements. For more, just mosey over to my YouTube channel.
Don’t Be Generic

Being a Woman Leader in a Corporate Environment

The Importance of Measurable Career Goals

Bonus Video
In a true full-circle moment, I had the privilege of talking about “the space” in front of the professor who originally taught it to me. Watch what happens when his new batch of accounting students already know the punch line. This is why I heart teachers.

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