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I’ve had the pleasure of speaking about career success at hundreds of events, from small gatherings to large conferences. The following is a list of my most-requested topics. Please scroll below for detailed session outlines for college students / recent grads, employers, corporate women’s networks, and faith / spirituality-based groups. If you have a specific topic in mind but don’t see it below, I would be happy to tailor a presentation to fit your needs. For additional information or to check availability, please contact me directly at emily (at) emilybennington (dot) com.

Presentations For Employers

Building a First-Class Onboarding Program (This Isn’t Orientation as Usual)

Onboarding is gaining a lot of traction in business lately – and for good reason. When implemented effectively, onboarding programs have been proven to dramatically reduce expenses by helping your new staff assimilate faster, stay longer, and deliver better. If you want to learn how it works – this is the presentation for you. I will show you why the usual “sink or swim” model is the worst way to transition new hires and how to take your current orientation program from lackluster to blockbuster.

10 Reasons You Keep Losing Your Best Talent  

A-Players thrive a particular work environment. One with clear levels of accountability, frequent performance reviews, consistent strategy, career development plans, solid managers, and where they are able to work on projects they enjoy. This presentation covers all of the above and more with practical lessons from organizations that “get it.” In other words, they understand building a great workforce ultimately comes down to building a great place to work. Filled with humorous examples of what NOT to do, I also share real-world ideas that can be implemented immediately (regardless of your size) and give you sample career development plans, employee surveys, and a list of 50 ideas to engage talented performers. This presentation is a fit for employers who are currently experiencing a high volume of turnover, looking for new ideas to keep the staff you have in place, or trying to get your leadership team more “people-focused.”

Difficult Conversations at Work: What You Need to Know to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable 

Having tough conversations is just part of business. Problem is, the more complex the discussion gets, the less equipped we are to handle it well. Whether it’s dealing with a combative co-worker, delegating properly, avoiding conflict, or learning how to correct behavior in a positive, proactive way, communicating effectively is key to enjoying your work and moving up in your career. If you’re ready to brush up on Interpersonal 101 (or learn how to handle someone else who should!), this practical, engaging session is full of real advice you can put to work immediately.

The Mentor / Mentee Relationship: How to Get the Best From Each Other

Often, when employees leave their company, it’s NOT just business – it’s personal. Maybe they’re not meshing well in the organization, maybe they feel isolated by coworkers, or they don’t get along with the boss…. these are all very real issues that a solid mentor program can address and, in some cases, even prevent. That’s because mentoring builds relationships – sometimes in very powerful ways – and it’s those relationships that can really help keep talented people with your organization longer. This presentation is broken down into three parts: How to be a great mentor, how to be a great mentee, and how to build a great program. Along the way, I dive in to specific steps each party must take to develop a productive, rewarding experience.

Four Steps to a World-Class Internship Program: Signature Advice from Companies That Are Getting it Right

Want to ensure your business is getting the MOST from your internship program? OR are you trying to get a program off the ground but not sure where to start? In this session, I dive in to the core features of what makes internships successful and what you must do to produce a bottom-line return for your organization. Participants will learn best practices from the biggest names in business, including measurable ways to structure your program, find your future rock stars, onboard effectively, keep interns engaged, and evaluate your success. If you are relying on internships to recruit new grads (or plan to in the future), this presentation will show you how to make it a great experience for everyone involved.

Presentations For Students / New Grads

7 Things Your First Boss Wants You to Know

Successfully transitioning from campus to career means building good habits from day one. In this signature presentation based on advice from Effective Immediately, I go “back to the basics” and really dive in to what it means to be a true professional. From “little” things like responsiveness and thank you to notes to “big” things like staying cool under pressure – career newbies will learn how to be extraordinary executives right out of the gate.

You, 2.0: How to Manage and Enhance Influence Through Social Media Marketing

Last century, radio took 38 years to reach 50 million users. This century, Facebook reached 100 million users in 9 months! This presentation provides an overview of Web 2.0 and demonstrates, step-by-step, how to use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and blogging to promote yourself and/or your business. We will also discuss best practices used by other companies around the world to communicate with current customers – and attract new ones – as well as what it really takes to build an image of professionalism online. Regardless of whether you’re a social media veteran or a novice, you’ll walk away with a broader understanding of how to use your web presence to create real market advantage.

Real Skills for Real Life: How to Research, Interview, and Score a New Job

Do you have students or group members who are ready to find a job, get out of a dead-end job, ace an interview and/or earn more money? Real Skills for Real Life: How to Research, Interview, and Score a New Job is a practical, roll-up-your-sleeves work session designed to help participants do just that. Featuring solid, do-it-now advice on creating a resume that gets noticed, searching for a job(both online and off), building a brand online and more, participants will walk away from “Real Skills for Real Life” with a renewed focus that goes beyond simply finding a job, but building a career they can love.

Rock Your Projects: How to Lead a Team That Delivers Results

Effectively managing a team sends a clear message to supervisors: YOU’RE PROMOTABLE! However, doing this well is not a black & white process. After all, there are multiple personalities involved and you have to use different motivational styles for each. You can’t be too pushy or no one will follow. On the other hand, you can’t be too soft or nothing gets done. In this presentation, we walk through the basics of project management, including how to successfully lead different generations in the workforce and how to create productivity-enhancing tools such as agendas, work plans, post-meeting reports, and budgets. Regardless of whether you’re managing student groups at school or looking to hit the ground running on the job, this session is packed full of information that will help you become a better leader.

Rock Your Internship: How to End with an Offer

Thriving in an internship is no small potatoes. You have to make killer first impressions. You have to learn a new job (very!) quickly. And you may even have to ‘compete’ against other interns for available entry-level positions. (Think The Office meets Survivor.) This presentation walks students through the entire internship process, from how to find the right company and interview techniques, to specific behaviors they should demonstrate to get hired. Accordingly this session will shrink the proverbial learning curve and give students the tools they need to turn a part-time internship into the start of a full-time career.

Presentations For Women’s Networks

Five Principles of Exemplary Leadership: What the Most Successful Women Do Right

Years ago, I had a director-level job at a top accounting firm, a nice office, a team of staffers…and a problem. I was too worried about being liked to be an effective leader at work. So I surveyed more than 700 executives nationwide to discover whether other women had the same challenge, and to uncover what – specifically – the most accomplished women do differently. In this workshop, I share the results of this research including what women really say about other women managers and what career veterans wish they could go back and tell their 20-year-old selves. Participants will also learn how to create an individual career plan that covers the five core competencies of leadership, as well as specific behaviors to accelerate success in each.

How to Run Yourself Like a Business: Getting Organized to Get What You Want

There’s a great quote in business that says your success can be no greater than your plans are sound. Sadly, though, too many of us “fly blind” in our lives and our careers. We take opportunities as they come. We react to our circumstances rather than proactively planning our lives. This presentation provides a framework to help you find FOCUS in your career – as well as the tools you need to truly get organized, get motivated, and get what you want. You’ll learn how to identify your goals, transform them from “wishful thinking” into serious action, and track your progress along the way. Regardless of whether you’re in a large corporate environment, a small office, or work for yourself, a proactive approach to your career will help you achieve long-term success – and this session is full of all the information you need to get started.

Presentations For Faith / Spirituality-Based Groups

Om The Job: How to Put Spiritual Principles to Work

When you start down the path of adding meaning to your work, the discussion of spirituality is unavoidable. At some point (particularly as we get older) we all find ourselves questioning whether there is indeed a higher power “out there” we can call on for guidance in our lives. This presentation explores that idea using ten fundamental principles of religions throughout the world, from Christianity to Buddhism, and uncovers how teachings from thousands of years ago are still perfectly relevant today. The goal of this session is to help you connect the dots between your “spiritual self” and your “professional self” to achieve greater success in your life and career. (Please note: This presentation is not aligned with any particular religion.)

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