{Announcement} What now?

As some of you may know, fellow Course in Miracles teacher Corinne Zupko and I recently hosted a four-week overview of Course principles for anyone interested in learning more about this spiritual path.

I love creating space for these conversations – and we went deep.

Job disappointments. Parenting overwhelm. Marital issues. We discussed it all within the framework of how to handle these and other life challenges while remaining grounded in a practice of wisdom and compassion at the same time.

To be honest, leading these classes sometimes feels like being a summer camp counselor in the sense that the group inevitably forms a bond and then – poof – it’s over and we all go back to our lives.

But then I start getting notes like this one in my inbox and on Facebook….

The question of “What now?” has been in my head for a while too. As a serious Course student for six years, I wholeheartedly agree that the book IS intimidating and, despite the fact that it’s often referred to as a “self-study” guide, my experience is that the Course is best learned in community.

So I’d like to create one.

I’ve been remarkably blessed to have many treasured friendships and teachers along this path, including a daily study group with the editor of the new complete and annotated edition of the Course, and I feel increasingly called to share insights that have been transformational in my own journey – and that of millions of others.

As such, over the next six months (at least) I’m going to be writing A Course in Miracles study guide and sharing the lessons here. This means you’ll get a front-row seat to the Course Text and, whether you consider yourself a student or not, I promise you’ll find something of value because the Course is a book about Love – and there’s no area of our lives where the principles of Love do not apply.

But don’t get me wrong – this isn’t a weak or wimpy Love. This is an enlightened Love that stems from seeing the changeless core in all beings. In fact, Stephen Covey once said that “people cannot handle change if there’s not a changeless core inside.”

I believe that each of us has this changeless core inside – and the spiritual path is nothing more (or less) than the act of discovering it. So let’s do that together this year, shall we? Because in the middle of all that is changing around us, this feels to me like the most grounded thing we can do.

UPDATE: Since this post was originally published, I’ve created a free ACIM study group on Facebook. Click here to join us in Course Companions.