The Business of Love

In the foreword to my new book Miracles at Work, Marianne Williamson wrote that “Knowledge is power. And there is no greater power than spiritual insight because…. it is the understanding of who we are… and where our true power lies.”

I’ve spent over ten years writing and speaking about career success, an area where “power” is typically defined by external factors such as authority, money, and influence – and while there’s no question these are all forms of power, the problem is that we often confuse them for our source of power.

In A Course in Miracles, we learn that our true Source is not outside of us, but is a changeless energy of perfect love that is – and has always been – in and around all things.  Whether you call this love spirit, God, Universe, or something else isn’t the point – the point is that you actually experience it.

And the way you experience Love in your career – as in all areas of your life – is to free your thinking of all that blocks it, which the Course calls ego. And while this may sound familiar to you from a spiritual perspective, what’s not so obvious is how to much the lessons we learn on a spiritual path are not only part of our success at work, but essential to it.

As an example, when you choose to embody the presence of love as your career – what you come to recognize is that “Love” isn’t running around the office being naïve, inappropriately affectionate, or having no boundaries.

Rather, you discover is that Love is simply bringing your own thinking in alignment with the energy of grace and forgiveness, or taking what the Course calls the “journey without distance” from the head to the heart.

This practice is important to maintain your own peace and composure, but it’s especially helpful in leadership roles because leadership is about influence – and you can’t influence anyone who consciously or subconsciously feels your judgment on them.

This is also why your most important job, regardless of what your business card says, is a moment-by moment return to the light in your mind that shines away the darkness of the ego. When you truly understand how to do this, as Marianne also says in the foreword to Miracles at Work, you don’t find yourself less effective in the world; rather just the opposite: Your groundedness makes you more effective because you’re working from your much Higher Self.

For more advice on bringing a practice of spiritual love to your career while still being taken seriously in the world, I hope you’ll pick up a copy of Miracles at Work: Turning Inner Guidance into Outer Influence and join me this Thursday (2/23) for a bonus webinar where we will discuss these ideas further.

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